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spa types

A spa is a facility which is devoted to overall body treatments through a variety of professional services under the supervision of expert therapists that encourage the rejuvenation of body, mind and the spirit. Depending on the location, facilities, and time, the spas can be classified into a many

A spa located within a luxury hotel or resort providing professionally administered services, wellness and health programs and spa cuisine menus is called hotel or resort spa or a Relaxation and Pampering Spa
A spa facility that provides professionally administered services on day-use basis is called a Day Spa. In a day spa the clients visit the facility for a few hours and overnight accommodation facilities are not available here.
The destination spa is primarily focus on developing good habits and providing professionally administered spa services over a course of days. The accommodation facility is also provided at a destination spa. The therapists supervise exercise regimes, administer massages, therapies and offer spa cuisine within the facility.
Medical Sp is a spa that offers medical therapies under licensed healthcare professionals along with traditional spa services. The primary purpose of medical spa is to provide comprehensive wellness and medical treatments in a healthcare setting.
As the name suggests these are the spas located on site in hospitals. Hospital Spas focus to administer traditional or alternative treatments and combine spa therapies assist in healing process of clients.
These are the facilities which are owned by therapists or entrepreneurs and cover a wide range of wellness services, some of which the same as a medical facilities have. A wellness center may have licensed medical professionals and qualified therapists to administer the services.
Thermal bath is natural warm body of water with therapeutic qualities. It's often called a spa. There are a number of mineral water bodies in India and abroad which are believed to have curative properties. A thermal spa may be part of a destination spa where hot and cold mineral waters are used to administer various therapies.
A destination or resort spa that combines Yoga and Ayurveda with spa techniques and therapies is called Ayurveda Spa. Ananda in The Himalayas is one such spa in India.
Thalassotherapy is derived from Greek thalassa the sea and therapy the treatment. It's a spa that exploits the medical use of seawater to treat various skin and body disorders. Thalassotherapy uses marine products such as seawater, sea salt, seaweed, sea mud and other sand to treat and cure skin problems.

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