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Spa Treatments in India

Spa therapies and treatments are the specific services provided by a spa. The most popular spa treatment is massage, of course, in a myriad of varieties. Massage has been around in India and elsewhere for thousands of years. From simple massages to specialized reflexology treatments, pedicure, manic

Top Ten Spa Therapies

  • Abhayanga Therapy
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Cosmetic Acne
  • Dead Sea Mud Treatment
  • European Facial
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Kinesitherapy
  • Pizzichilli
  • Rakta Mokshana
  • Shiro-Abhayanga-Nasya

Spa Therapies

Therapy First Name
Aromatherapy aromatic plant extracts and essential oils
Balneotherapy (from Latin: balneum, 'bath') hot mineral water
Hydrotherapy internal and external use of water
Massotherapy/Pressotherapy therapeutic manipulation of pressure points
Physiotherapy physical agents such as exercise, massage, masso/presso, thermal and mechanical adaptations
Phytotherapy plants and plant extracts
Radontherapy inert gas internally or externally
Thalassotherapy seawater, mud or other marine products
Thermotherapy heat, dry or wet

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