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Spa Etiquettes

Is there such a thing as spa etiquettes? Yes, there are certain codes of conduct every spa expects you to follow. We enlist here some of them:

Punctuality is a virtue. You should arrive for 4 pm appointment by the time specified, and more preferably 10-15 minutes early. This empty time will help you relax and change. And who knows, you get benefitted with a bonus steam bath and sauna in this free time?
They may be of any nature: your relationship with your husband, kids and in laws. It's best no to discuss and fret about personal problems at a spa appointment. However, you may discuss your stress related issues with your physician.
Don't go immediately after a goof work out for a massage to turn up all sweaty. It's not good for both you and your spa therapist.
Attending a phone call in the middle of a massage is awkward. It disturbs others and your massage rhythm.
While you have an urge to go for a pampering massage right after a Jacuzzy, it may not be good for your skin. Let the chlorine off your skin first.
This is obvious, if you wish to get their best service.
Don't expect that all your skin and stress problems will go away with certain number of spa sessions. All skin types respond differently to different people.
It's a norm to offer 15-20 percent tip to your therapist. At least, say her a few good words.
If you are uncomfortable with anything during your massage, speak up. Tell your therapist how you feel about music, pressure, or the temperature.
After a massage, it's time to relax for a few minutes. If your therapist says 'take your time to get up', it doesn't mean she's inciting you to take a nap. However, don't rush off right away.

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