Along with Venice, Portugal, and Malaysia, India has also encouraged phenomenal growth in the Spa Industry. India has also promoted the growth of Spa tourism and the success is witnessed with huge footfall from all across the globe. There are numerous hotels and resorts that are acknowledged for providing excellent spa services.

Apart from this, India also boasts for its Spa Resorts that are ideally designed to provide all modern and traditional spa therapies and treatments. With a cherry on the iced cake, the luxury hotels also provide spa treatments and therapies to make the guests enjoy an overall luxurious stay. All that is required by the guests is to lie back and enjoy being pampered.

Gondola Massage

Spa Treatments

Gondola Massage is a 40-minute massage provided to the guests in a modified gondola. The gondola is piloted slowly through the lagoon of Venice. Thus, to ensure privacy of the guests, the massages are generally provided focusing the upper body, feet, etc. The lower body is covered throughout the therapy session. Additionally, special oil with SPF protection is used to protect the skin from the adverse effects of the sun.

Where To Experience It: The Cassanova Beauty & Wellness Center at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice.

Chocolate Facial Therapy

Luxury Spa

A 40-minute luscious treatment has attracted guests wanting to infuse liveliness in their face and tone the facial skin. In this therapy, a layer of creamy, melted, oxygen-infused Swiss chocolate is placed on the face. Through this therapy, the skin gets better and the chocolate also helps in promoting healing, fight aging and improve cellular rejuvenation.

Where To Experience It: The Aquapura Douro Valley Resort & Spa in northeastern Portugal.

Mineral Cosmetology

Spa Treatment

Mineral Cosmetology is something that has been proved effective in skin and nail care. This therapy includes applying of unique healing waters. This therapy includes various treatments that are of various time durations ranging  from 60 minutes to 15 minutes. Some of the treatments include healing, energizing, soothing, balancing, pomegranate and fig spa manicure & pedicure, salon therapies and a  lot more.

Where To Experience It: Wildflower Hall, Shimla in India.

Full-Body Fish Nibbling

Fish Nibbling Spa Therapy

Dip your feet in the tub full of flesh-nibbling fish. Apart from feet and hands, the guests could also opt for full body immersion in the tub. The garra rufa is a small fish species belonging to the carp family. Garra Rufa is used in this therapy as this feeds on the dead skin cells. While nibbling, an enzyme is extruded by the fishes that help in reducing the probability of skin ailments like acne.

Where To Experience It: The Sampuoton Spain Selangor, Malaysia.

Bath Therapy

Bath Spa Therapy

Wrapping the body with various waters , muds, clays, etc., to ensure a revitalizing experience attracts guests visit India from all across the globe. The Quan Spa in JW Marriott Mumbai is praised for providing excellent therapies and treatments. The spa treatments and therapies are of different duration. The array includes luxuriant plant life bath, of air & light bath, primordial waters bath, rose & ashwaganda milk bath, terra magical bath, aroma fusion massage, aroma neck, back & shoulder, deep renewal massage, awakening to the earth massage, foot reflex massage, temple massage, abhyanga, indian head massage, shirodhara and spice bundle massage.

Where To Experience It: Quan Spa, JW Marriott Mumbai, India.

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