Being in love is an amazing feeling for everyone. Being with your soul mate makes everyone feel like on top of the world and builds a desire to share the joy with the world. To honor the love for their partners and to spend an unforgettable time with them, a tour to world’s best romantic holiday destinations is a must for all the lovers!

Given below are some of the most romantic holiday getaways in the world:


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The pristine beaches with beautiful sunsets and stunning colorful tropical flowers make Holidays in Hawaii simply the perfect getaway for all lovebirds. The secluded, luxurious and romantic environment offer isolated swimming pools; Beautiful views of Kipu falls; adventurous helicopter rides via steep canyons and cliffs; journey through real life “Jurassic Park”; and much more. Have a romantic wedding or rekindle the romance by renewing your vows and celebrate your love in Kauai.

2) FRANCE: Corsica Island

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The gorgeous French Island of Corsica on the coasts of France offers a lot: romantic boat ride to view the gorgeous white Calanques; Steep-walled bays with stone cliffs rising over sea in the background; Visiting thirteenth-century Calvi Citadel; Driving on mountain roads towards tiny village of Calvi for romantic dinner; Morning outing to beautiful Route de Bavella; every couple can spend an eternity over here!

3) AUSTRALIA: Hayman Island

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The blue water surrounding the stunning beaches, where one can sail and indulge in water-sports, make Hayman Island in Australia, a true paradise. The lavish surroundings with an amazing array of food makes this place a trademark stamp for romantic holidays. Among the beautiful white sand and beautiful water, a couple can enjoy the picturesque sceneries while relishing on mouthwatering delicacies and fine cocktails during magical sunsets!

4) PERU: Chachapoyas

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In Peru, Chachapoyas is the magical and secluded location where you can spend some alone quality time with your soul mate. The small market town covered with clouds appears gorgeous with vibrant rainforest and majestic waterfalls. The ruined Kuelap fortress is awesome as an archaeological relic. Couples can indulge in various activities like riding horses, fishing, trekking or simply relaxing in the serene environment.

5) INDIA: Kerala Backwaters

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For romantic holidays in India, tour to Kerala backwaters is a Heavenly experience.  Couples can participate in numerous activities including fishing, annual snake boat races, exploring backwaters on romantic Kerala houseboats and feasting on supreme Indian delicacies with fine wines and beers. With the best honeymoon resorts in India, Kerala backwaters offer a romantic vacation like no other.

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6) CARIBBEAN: The Bahamas

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Caribbean islands with crystal clear waters and pink sand are extremely romantic. You can take part in water-sports or shop for exotic Bahamian handicraft; you can party with the best cocktails and food or simply relax in your deluxe suite; you can take a romantic carriage tour or horseback ride; the choice is yours at Bahamas!

7) CHINA: Guangxi

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Located in the south of China, Guangxi Province offers the lovebirds a romantic spot flushed with rugged mountains and luxurious landscapes. Vibrant Caves; Pagodas; Majestic complexes; Exotic peaks; Wide rice terraces where the famous rice noodles with exceptional flavors are available; there is so much for you and your partner in Guangxi!


Tahiti, in French Polynesia, is an extremely picturesque destination, flushed with intimate resorts and secluded luxury beaches. Learn the true meaning of romance in over-water bungalows above the turquoise lagoon waters offering all modern facilities and amenities. Romantic cruise around islands, exciting water-sports and Polynesian-style spa couples treatment; everything here is very romantic.

9) ITALY: Venice

Venice and romance go hand in hand. The evening gondola rides along canals and strolls around “Piazza San Marco” are extremely romantic. The couples can choose to stay in chic apartments to enjoy an intimate, alone time. Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge offers a chance for couples to declare their ceaseless love for each other to the whole world.

10) GREECE: Santorini

Santorini, the stunning island with iconic white architecture, in Greece, is loved by all lovers! The local restaurants on top of the hills with amazing wine and deluxe delicacies and amazing sight of sun hitting waters, is a romantic experience that will give you goose-bumps. Swimming in volcanic hot springs is another romantic activity to enjoy with your partner.

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