With all the vacation backdrops – wildlife, adventure, cultural, spiritual, luxury, business and beach – India positions itself as a destination for, there is one theme that it is not considered outright for. Yes, luxury cruise holidays in India. When you think of cruise holidays, you drift towards either the south Asian corridor between Singapore and Malaysia; or the much preferred Caribbean Islands. India? No sir. It is baffling to see little or no marketing on the part of Indian tour operators to position India as a destination for luxury cruise holidays. Not LuxoIndia, though!

Oberoi vrinda Luxury Cruise in India

Oberoi Vrinda Cruise

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In our aim and effort to offer anything and everything related to luxury travel in India, we have introduced separate packages for luxury cruise holidays in India. Our list of packages can be seen HERE. But, the bigger question is why would you invest your time and dollars (or Euro or Pounds or Whatever is it you roll with) in a cruise holiday in India? For starters, how about India being one of the most pocket friendly countries as a travel destination, and that includes luxury cruise holidays. Yes, for only a third of what you dole out for a Carribean cruise package, you get the same or even better (if it’s by LuxoIndia!) package for Indian luxury cruise holiday. The Indian Rupee is really low right now. If there ever was a time to visit India, now is it!

Sunderban Luxury Cruise in India

Sundarbans Luxury Cruise

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It is common knowledge that gambling is illegitimate in India. However, some Goa cruises feature entry tickets to on-water casinos housed inside luxury yachts. The yachts sail out of Indian waters and, once out, you can gamble to your heart’s (more importantly, pocket) content. The seafood is delicious and varied. We won’t comment on the staff service and hospitality, though from whatever feedback we’ve had, it is excellent (we won’t boast any further now!).

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