If we compare the lifestyle of people of today and a decade ago or two, we will find that there are innumerable changes. The modern lifestyle of today is extremely busy and the level of tension has gone-up than what it was then. We have largely become dependent on all kinds of applications and gadgets. All the tension and stress of today’s fast life shoots-up the level of mental as well as physical burnout. To get away from all this, it becomes extremely important that one must go on a vacation.

Think of a vacation that completely rejuvenates all your tired senses. From past few years, spa vacations are slowly becoming extremely popular. The best thing about these vacations is that you do not only spend leisure time but also pamper yourself by opting for various indigenous therapies and treatments. Wash away all your tension and get treated royally through massages and scrubs.

Kerala, India 

Luxury Spa holidays in India

Kerala in India is the hub of Ayurveda activity. Ayurveda is a form of natural medicine that finds its root almost 5000 years back. Kerala is extremely popular for being home to some very amazing luxury spa in India, health and Ayurveda resorts offering holistic health as well as beauty services on the line of Ayurveda.

You can get rejuvenated in the serene surrounding of these spas while enjoying Yoga and authentic Ayurveda massages and therapies where natural elements are used.

Andalucia, Spain

luxury spa destination

The Moorish past of Andalusia in Spain has been confined in some of the finest Hammam bathhouses. Cordoba has restored and refurbished Medina Califal Hammam of the 10th century, which is a wonderful Arab- style bath house.

Both men and women can enjoy a relaxing Moorish spa experience. It is just the right place to sink in complete luxury of the region.

Phuket, Thailand

luxury spa destinations

Phuket, a well-known holiday destination has become a spa haven just a few years ago. Phuket houses a range of spoiling resorts, such as peaceful Cheraim Spa Village, one of the largest such kind of a complex in the continent and also the famed Banyan Tree.

You may opt for contemporary treatments or even Nuat Phaen Boran, a Thai massage including deep tissue massage and stretching.

Istanbul, Turkey

luxury spa vacation

Istanbul has to offer you largely admired Turkish baths. Visit Istanbul to experience the essential part of your Turkey experience. Cagaloglu Hamam, around 270- years old, this classical Ottoman-style hammam is one of the best known ones. This place offers its visitors authentic Turkish massage, steam baths as well as sweet Turkish tea to go with it.

Negril, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica, Caribbean

Spa Vacation

Jamaica in the Caribbean is a famed vacation destination but is also home to a number of health and relaxation resorts. Negril, a holistic haven is like a lush playground which is full of some very popular spa resorts offering great therapeutic experiences. Make an appointment for a massage treatment and sink deeper into the bliss of amazing beach resorts along the white sandy beaches, away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

Sedona, Arizona, United States

Luxury spa vacation

Sedona in Arizona, United States is famous for being a center of spirituality. Perfect for offering mind and body healing experiences, this place is just the right place to opt for the right kind of a resort to get enriched by yoga and hypnotherapy. The vast desert is a perfect setting has its very own stimulating and relaxing effect with interesting red rocks like an energetic backdrop offering a holistic wellness approach.


luxury spa

Fiji does not only have natural beauty in abundance but it also has a plethora of some great relaxation and rejuvenation options. One can opt from a therapeutic merging of massage and local nut oils, Traditional Fijian Bobo massage, and Thalgo therapy mud and algae wraps or Duavata island-style four-handed massage.

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