Wildlife is the one best way to explore the nature in action. National parks showcase free activities of the inhabitants, without being controlled, manipulated or pro-created to build an artificial ecosystem. Here are top ten examples of the unspoilt glory of nature.

Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Kruger National Park (South Africa)

The magic and grandeur of African wildlife is simply unsurpassable. The vast land, vibrant wildlife and untamed scenery have attracted wildlife enthusiasts to visit the Kruger National Park (South Africa). Apart from providing shelter to rich wildlife, the park offers excellent opportunity for safari. One land is shared by large mammals, big predators, numerous birds, etc.

Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary (Peru)


Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary might not literally meet with your idea of a national park, but in the terms of variety, this is the place to be. It does not matter how many times you explore the historic sites located in the thick green canopy, the expedition through the Inca trail always carries an air of mystic aura and excitement.

Jim Corbett National Park (India)


The land of diversities, India also boasts for its rich flora and fauna. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the national parks that are praised for high-density tiger population. Along with this, the beautiful birds both native and migratory have also made it a real paradise for bird lovers. For memorable wildlife holidays in India, there are various packages available.

Sagarmatha National Park (Nepal)


Sagarmatha National Park is one of the sought-after national parks in the list of the wildlife enthusiasts. Three of the world’s ten highest peaks (including Mt Everest), are featured in the park. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this destination is a must visit. Retreating glaciers, deep & vibrant valleys, a host of mountain wildlife and a snow-filled rugged terrain make this national park, one of a kind.

Fiordland National Park (New Zealand)

Fiordland National Park (New Zealand)

Fiordland National Park is an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts who want to add the element of thrill and adventure through various activities. Here, boat rides through magnificent Fjords is available for the visitors. Milford Sound and 14 other fjords make up this great destination. Apart from this, the national park is also praised for its unspoilt romantic setting.

Tikal National Park (Guatemala)


Tikal National Park is an ideal site to explore the Mayan part of South America. This national park is a World Heritage Site and features the impressive ruins of a Maya settlement from around 250 – 900 AD. The national park is beautified with amazing jungle canopy, towering temples, beautiful architecture and exotic wildlife.

Yellow Dragon Scenic Area (China)

Yellow Dragon Scenic Area (China)

Yellow Dragon Scenic Area is situated in calcium-carbonate sediment, which creates an illusion of a golden dragon. This national park is popular for providing natural shelter to cuddly and cute Giant Panda. The amazing eco-system breathes the oriental style, primeval forests, waterfalls, snow-covered peaks, gorges, and hot springs. This place is also a perfect paradise for wildlife photographers.

Iguazu National Park (Argentina)

Iguazu National Park (Argentina)

The Iguazu National Park is praised for its finest fauna in South America. The national park is also listed amongst the outstanding World Heritage Sites. This also provides protection to one of the spectacular natural landscapes of Brazil and Argentina. The breathtaking view formed by 70 m high and 1500 m wide waterfalls and subtropical forest cover also attracts visitor4s from all across the globe.

Kakadu National Park (Australia)


Located atop of the Northern Territory in Australia, Kakadu National Park showcases a typical Australian outback. The destination is also marked as a World Heritage Site for both cultural and natural prospects. Sprawled over an area of 3.2 million acres, it features traditional lands of various Aboriginal groups. Along with this, the national park also provides shelter to the spectacular South Alligator River. The visitors could also spot stone plateaus and escarpments, floodplains and billabongs, monsoonal rainforests, tidal flats, coastal beaches, much more that ensure a magical week in Australia.

Swiss National Park (Switzerland)


It is impossible to believe that the land of amazing Alps, Switzerland has only one national park to showcase its vibrant wildlife.  But, the one on the list compensates the quantity with quality.  Recognized in the year 1914, the national park serves as a natural shelter for a huge variety of wildlife, which includes elks, ibex, chamois, golden eagles, bearded vultures, and many more. The surrounding is also praised with its setting amidst rivers, valleys, and snow-clad peaks.ildlife is the one best way to explore the nature in action. National parks showcase free activities of the inhabitants, without being controlled, manipulated or pro-created to build an artificial ecosystem. Here are top ten examples of the unspoilt glory of nature.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 National Parks For Thrilling Wildlife Holidays

  1. This is the most pathetic list of top 10 that I have come across in my life. I can’t believe you have mentioned the names such as Machu Pichhu in this list. I wonder why you haven’t featured the gem of wildlife sanctuaries like Everglades National Park, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador and Great Barrier Reef, Australia. ANd where’s the Chobe or even Serengeti National Park? I must say that you either travel well or research well before coming up with list like this…this list actually sucks!

  2. Thank you, Nikhil. Though I still believe ‘pathetic’ or ‘suck’ is too strong a word to use.

    I agree these are not the most veritable names among National Parks internationally. I think a title such as “10 National Parks You May Not Have Heard of” would have suited the enclosed content better.

    Our writers normally conduct extensive research before compiling any list and this was no exception. Individual preferences vary and that is why we have our own Top 10 lists, isn’t it. For example, I may not be too keen on Galápagos Islands but would pay a fortune for the Swiss National Park. To each his own. Anyhow, I’d still keep at least 4-5 of these in my Top 10 list.

    I’ll put your feedback to good use and alter the list. Please visit again in some time and let me know what do you think of the new list.

  3. When Times Magazine came up with its list of 100 Top Books, they said that the list has two purposes: One is to instruct and the other is to enrage.

    By “enrage” one could surmise that they were referring to the debates and furious comments the list would attract from readers whose favorite didn’t make it to the list.

    I think my reaction was that I could “enraged”. Well sorry for that but with a list of top 10 reactions like this are to be expected 🙂

    I’d definitely wait for your revised list and I completely agree when you say that “a title such as “10 National Parks You May Not Have Heard of” would have suited the enclosed content better.”

  4. I definitely think the gentleman would make it to the “Top 10 Reactions to a Blog Post” list! 🙂

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