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4 thoughts on “Lorum Ipsum Lorum Ipsum

  1. This is the most pathetic list of top 10 that I have come across in my life. I can’t believe you have mentioned the names such as Machu Pichhu in this list. I wonder why you haven’t featured the gem of wildlife sanctuaries like Everglades National Park, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador and Great Barrier Reef, Australia. ANd where’s the Chobe or even Serengeti National Park? I must say that you either travel well or research well before coming up with list like this…this list actually sucks!

  2. Thank you, Nikhil. Though I still believe ‘pathetic’ or ‘suck’ is too strong a word to use.

    I agree these are not the most veritable names among National Parks internationally. I think a title such as “10 National Parks You May Not Have Heard of” would have suited the enclosed content better.

    Our writers normally conduct extensive research before compiling any list and this was no exception. Individual preferences vary and that is why we have our own Top 10 lists, isn’t it. For example, I may not be too keen on Galápagos Islands but would pay a fortune for the Swiss National Park. To each his own. Anyhow, I’d still keep at least 4-5 of these in my Top 10 list.

    I’ll put your feedback to good use and alter the list. Please visit again in some time and let me know what do you think of the new list.

  3. When Times Magazine came up with its list of 100 Top Books, they said that the list has two purposes: One is to instruct and the other is to enrage.

    By “enrage” one could surmise that they were referring to the debates and furious comments the list would attract from readers whose favorite didn’t make it to the list.

    I think my reaction was that I could “enraged”. Well sorry for that but with a list of top 10 reactions like this are to be expected 🙂

    I’d definitely wait for your revised list and I completely agree when you say that “a title such as “10 National Parks You May Not Have Heard of” would have suited the enclosed content better.”

  4. I definitely think the gentleman would make it to the “Top 10 Reactions to a Blog Post” list! 🙂

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