Soukya – A Holistic Healing Center in Bangalore

The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda is one of the richest therapeutic disciplines in the world with the help of which almost any king of ailment can be cured. A visionary from the South Indian state of Karnataka has realized the potential of this natural science and thus established Soukya, a holistic healing center in Bangalore.

Soukya is the first center of its kind in the world and within just few years of its inception the center came into limelight, even in the world spectrum.

Soukya Holistic Healing Center, Bangalore

Soukya in Bangalore

Apart from healing the body ailments, Soukya also encourages people towards leading a healthy life. The setting of this healing center is precisely done with a view that our natural world has a close coordination with our day to day lifestyle.

Sprawled across several across of greenery, the center’s medical herbs are home grown. The core principle of Ayurveda says that human beings are considered to be healthy when their mind, body and spirit are completely balanced, and in Soukya, the therapies are directed towards creating this balance between mind, body and spirit.

Ayurveda Treatment at Soukya

Ayurveda Therapies at Soukya Bangalore

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While staying in Soukya Bangalore, the guests go through a new experience every day. A morning wakeup call by the fresh warm rays of the sun accompanied by a hot cup of tea sets the mood for the entire day. Allow the morning air to freshen up all your senses by taking a walk through the avenue of the flowering trees that surrounded the coconut and fruit orchards.

Take part in the common yoga session before breakfast which is being monitored by the experienced yoga masters of the center.

Soukya Healing Center, Bangalre

Relax your body through Ayurveda therapies at Soukya Bangalore.

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Soukya in Bangalore has brought a new phase in the alternative medical therapies of the state with its highly standardized services. The center got the patronage of various world figures from time to time. The person-oriented programs offered by Soukya focus on prevention of illness, early intervention and health promotion.

It is the approach of Soukya towards healthcare that makes it stand separate from the rest of its kind. The therapists in this center go for a detailed evaluation of the problems that the guests are facing before developing any therapeutic program for them.

Ayurveda Treatments at Soukya, Bangalore

Soukya Wellness Center

Along with our day to day life activities, our food consumption habits also play a vital role in keeping us healthy. Thus in Soukya, the therapists along with the master chefs of the center prepare special dietary chart for the guest according to their body needs. This in turn helps in strengthening the defense and immune system of the body which is very necessary to heal and prevent diseases.

Though the center is a great place to savor rejuvenating sessions, it also provides great opportunities for spending the holidays. Even for the people in a business trip or so, Soukya can be a good option as they can discover a new way to lead their life in a healthy manner even in this fast paced world of 21st century. An indulging yoga or Ayurveda session in Soukya not only is beneficial but an experience to remember for long.

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