The word Spa is derived from the Latin phrase ‘Salus per Aquam’, which means health by water. This method is used in modern days also for rejuvenation and relaxation. India is one of the finest destinations in the world that offers you this wonderful experience. Luxury Spa in India not only provides finest Spa treatments but also offers great scenic locales.

Luxury Spa Holidays in India

Excessive pressures from work and polluted environment results in wear and tear of one’s body and mind. So, Luxury Spa holidays in India have become one of the most popular themes for tourists from all around the world. It includes massage, facial and body treatments. Massage is the manual manipulation of the body’s muscles; facial involves skin analysis, toning, moisturizing, deep cleansing, etc and body treatments are the facials for the whole body, which includes body scrub and exfoliating treatment.


The top most alluring cities of India that offer Luxury Spa holidays include Shimla, Rishikesh, Agra, Kumarakom (Kerala), Himalayas, Goa, Udaipur, New Delhi, Cochin, Mumbai and many more. Here, you can club your holidays with various rejuvenation programmes and can also enjoy the various wellness therapies like Pizhichill, Shirodhara, Vasthi, Navarakizhi, Abhyanga and Nasyam.

Luxury Spa Vacations in India


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  1. please provide me in house treatment prices.including accommodation food & treatment.

  2. Could be more specific about the hotel or destination where you want to avail of spa treatment?

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