What are Luxury Cruises?

A sea of fun, adventure and luxury – while traveling in sea- is how the meaning of cruises can be summarized! Cruises are journey on board a ship, offering pleasure voyages, where the amenities and services on cruises are a part of the impeccable experience. The destination does not matter on a cruise as most cruises drop passengers at the exact point where they picked them up. What is of importance is the unforgettable experience of a journey on a ship, only stopping to view the major attractions en route.

Luxury Cruises in India

Luxury Cruises in India

In recent years, India has earned the distinction as not “a country” but rather “THE COUNTRY” for amazing luxury cruises. Wondering why? Because of the countless pristine ports and beaches in India! India’s vast coastline, with huge collection of pristine islands and surrounding water bodies; isn’t that enough to make India the best luxury cruise destination? Popular luxury cruises in India include Atlantis Cruising, Super Star Libra, Super Star Aquarius, Oberoi Vrinda, Sunderbans Luxury Cruise,  Heritage River Ganga Cruise, Assam Bengal Navigation, Vivada Cruises and Super Star Virgo.

Helpful Tips for First Time Cruisers

First time cruisers often find it hard to experience the journey with a free mind, for they are not prepared for the journey. Cruising is an art, which like the game of chess does not come to one on the first day itself. It takes time to learn the tricks and turns of cruising. Here are a few pointers that might help you on your first cruise:

  • First tip is simple: Read this before you book your luxury cruise tour.
  • Experiencing sea-sickness is very much a possibility on these journeys. Plan your cruise on days when the waves are not too high. Also keep a medical-kit with you for emergencies.
  • Book a cruise that is not very long for if you do not really enjoy it, you can get out of it ASAP.
  • Researching about the locations that your are about to visit during a particular cruise is very important. It makes you prepared for what is coming next and help you in planning an excursion as per your choice.
  • Your experience is largely depended on what all you pack for your cruise. There is so much reading material available regarding what you should pack on your first cruise. Scrap all of that and listen to this. Do NOT over pack. Only pack essentials. There are numerous shops and laundry services available on cruises.
  • Do not eat much on the cruise. Keep a healthy diet. It enhances the experience and saves money as well.
  • Exercise constantly on cruise. Walk around the ship. Some cruises have on-board gyms.
  • Do you know on cruise, cabins are called as “staterooms”? Get accustomed to the language and terminologies used on cruise. It will come in handy.
  • Your carriages take time to get delivered to your staterooms, so keep a small bag on the first day packing some of the essentials.
  • If you wish to save money during a cruise, do not drink the on board alcoholic beverages as they are way too expensive. Instead order fruit juices which will be refreshing, healthy and cheaper. Carry your own soda bottles if required.
  • Do not forget to carry your passport after de-boarding on cruises.
  • When you get off board ship for an unplanned excursion, make sure you return on time, or the ship will sail off leaving you stranded on unfamiliar lands.


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