LuxoIndia: Think Luxury Think India

LuxoIndia is here…finally. Our journey has been long and arduous and even now we are only just beginning on a path which I hope will see as  where we want to be – and I cross my finger as I say – within a year.
Well that is only a short term vision that I am talking about and which we have planned for at LuxoIndia.
So what is LuxoIndia and what is our mission.
Just so that you get the idea our mission at LuxoIndia is:
To become India’s leading luxury tour and travel operators through excellence, integrity, innovation, understanding and responsibility. At LuxoIndia, we make it a habit to offer unique luxury experiences to our clients and surpass the set limit of expectations.
We have just launched our website .
It’s still in a nascent stage and there are only a few pages …but I hope our website will give you a general idea of the direction in which we want to move. We are working on internal pages of our and soon you will see a better and resourceful LuxoIndia.

So why this blog? Well it is just to tell you that we have arrived and soon we will be indispensable when the issue under consideration will beo luxury travel and experiences in India. See you soon.

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