Luxury Golf Holidays in India: Of Luxury, Business and Leisure

Holidays in India always have a special appeal for guests and major attractions are beaches, heritage, culture, hill stations, Ayurveda and Yoga. Every year millions of tourists arrive in India to spend their holidays. In recent years, India has added another feather to its grand cap by emerging as a popular destination for golf tours. With the rise of Indian economy and transformation of India as a major business destination; golf holidays in India – still at its nascent stage – is fast gaining momentum with high-end tourists and business travelers picking it up as an option for luxury holiday in India.

Luxury Golf Holidays in India

Looking at the growing demand of golf tours and its future potential, many golf courses have been built in India from real estate developers and major hospitality groups to attract golf enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from all around the world. There are a number of golf resorts and luxury hotels in India which offers leisure and business facilities with high standards.

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Luxury Golf Tour in India

These resorts and hotels are not only located within the premises or outskirts of renowned metropolises and urban cities but also dot the length and breadth of major tourist destinations in India which include Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Gulmarg. Most of them are encompassed by natural beauty and the only sight visible to your eye is of green grass. The accompanying caddies, one-o-one challenge, the urge to win and excitement of an eagle shot are some key ingredient to make the luxury golf holiday in India a memorable experience.

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India Luxury Golf Tour

Some of the popular golf resorts and hotels that are majorly visited for golf holidays are Jaypee Greens Golf Resort in Noida, Eagleton Golf Resort in Bangalore, Classic Golf Resort in Gurgaon, The Leela in Goa, The Lalit Golf and Spa Resort in Goa and Ambassador Pallava in Chennai. These luxury properties feature onsite golfing infrastructure and offer outstanding golfing facilities which include 9 to 18 holes, 72 at par with necessary accessories for the player such as golf sets, dress and shoes. Some of them even offer specialized package for learning golf which include introduction to the sport, basic rules, putting, chipping and swing fundamentals.

golf holidays in india

A perfect way to plan your luxury golf holidays in India is to combine with other themes and interests so that you can enjoy benefits of golf gaming and sightseeing at the same time. Moreover if you are interested in natural sightseeing and rejuvenation, you can choose to stay at any beach side golf resort where you can relax in the lap of nature and have great time playing golf.

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