Ganesh Mahotsav in Mumbai is marked with grand celebration. As the festival approaches, the city gets drenched into vibrant colors and divinity could be sensed in every corner of the city. So, if your near plans are to visit Mumbai in near future, make sure you visit during this 10 day celebration, starting from 9th September to 19th September, 2017.

Ganesh Mahotsav in India

Excellent work by artisans:

The preparations of the celebrations start few months prior to the actual celebration. The preparations include making idols of Lord Ganesha in different sizes and poses. Some tourists from different parts of the world visit Mumbai before Ganesh Mahotsav, especially to see the artisans in full form. Awards and recognitions are also given to artists for creating magnificent idols of Lord Ganesha. During the 10-day festival, a leisurely walk down the streets of Mumbai is sure to give memories to cherish lifelong. ‘Anant Chatudarshi’, the tenth day of the festivity is the day of colorful action. Huge processions are carried throughout the city.

The procession during visarjan includes huge crowd hailing the slogan ‘Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Pudcha Varshi Loukar Ya’, meaning ‘Oh Ganpati My Lord, Return Soon Next Year.’ You may watch the procession and could also take part in the same. People with full enthusiasm; take the idols of Lord Ganesha to the Arabian Sea, all dancing, singing and playing with colors.

Popular Ganesh Mandals:

  • Lalbaugcha Raja: Lalbaugcha Raja is the famous and largest Lord Ganesha’s idol. Here, devotes in huge numbers pay their respect to the Lord. The procession is also at grand scale. The procession is taken from Lalbaug to the beach via Byculla and Girgaum.
  • Mumbaicha Raja: Mumbaicha Raja is popular due to its different and unique theme every year. The themes vary from Indian history to various popular pilgrimage sites. The theme is totally dependent upon the look and decoration of the idol. In case you have limited time, you may pay a visit here as this place is relatively less crowded.
  • Khetwadicha Ganraj: Khetwadicha Ganraj is again one of the popular Ganpati idols, situated in proximity to Chowpatty beach in Girgaum. In the year 2000, this Mandal was praised for having the highest Lord Ganesha’s idol, measuring to a height of 40 feet. The idol is also said to be decorated with diamonds and gold.

Anant Chatudarshi – Ganesh Visarjan:

  • Chowpatty Beach: This is one of the best places to watch the climax of the festival.
  • Marine Drive: You could even find a space for yourself and enjoy some of the spectacular sights of the visarjan ceremony.

Apart from the above, you could also visit Juhu Beach or Versova Beach in Andheri to witness the visarjan ceremony. The northern suburb of Powai is also worth visiting to see the immersion ceremony of the Lord Ganesha. During the procession, you could spot some of the beautiful statues of Lord Ganesha in all possible sizes and postures. You could also witness the grand immersion ceremony at Shivaji Park near the Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi.

Places to visit near Mumbai:

Mumbai, the city of many dreams is a must-visit travel destination in India. While being on your visit, make sure you explore some of the nearby locations. These locations might not have excellent nightlife as that of Mumbai, but the natural beauty and setting make these destinations a worthy weekend getaway.

  • Aurangabad: This historic destination is praised for its rich cultural heritage and magnificent medieval monuments. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the world heritage sites, also earn huge popularity top Aurangabad.
  • Khandala:  Do not miss to visit Khandala, an exotic hill station. On a weekend, you may opt for trekking in Khandala and collect some of the lifelong memories.
  • Lonavala: Lonavala is a paradise for nature lovers. This area is full with lush green sceneries. This is also a perfect location for photographers looking for some perfect pictures.
  • Matheran: Matheran is a hill station, located near to Mumbai. This hill station is best known for its freshness and natural beauty. Tourists looking for vacations in the lap of nature could visit Matheran.
  • Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar, located in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra, is the largest hill station. This hill town is situated at a distance of 115 km southwest of Pune and at an altitude of 1372m above sea level. Mahabaleshwar is best known for its ‘points’. These ‘points’ are the destinations from where people could enjoy some of the beautiful scenes of the surrounding. Some of the popular ‘points’ are Arthur’s Seat, Needle Hole Point, Kate’s Point, 3 Monkey Point, Wilson Point, and more.

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