Let me begin with the disclaimer first. I am an American resident ‘Harry Wilson’ who likes to travel to different places.  Two months back I opted for a golden triangle tour package and was quite satisfied with my trip. At the special request from the tour operators, I am taking this opportunity to share my India travel experience with you all.

It was almost three years that our family of four had been craving for a week long holiday. We had saved quite a good amount for an ultimate family holiday. But somehow things were not falling in place. When it comes to family holidays, India has always  fascinated me. My connotation with India goes long back. My first trip to India was an educational school trip to Agra.

Though I was clear that India is my dream family holiday destination, the rest of my family members were quite apprehensive. You know the same old western point of view- a backward, smelly and poor Asian country- but their perception changed after one of our friend ‘Richard’ narrated his India travel experience.

First of all, I scouted some good Indian tour operators on the Internet and finally zeroed in on this website called ‘Luxo India’. We opted for ‘Golden Triangle Tour India’ package. To our surprise and luck , it was a 6 nights and 7 days package as I managed to get sanctioned only 7 days from my office. Finally on 12th December, 2012, we headed off on our India family holiday.

As we were travelling with a tour company, we first headed to Delhi, then drove to Agra by car and finally to Jaipur. Between Agra to Jaipur, we made a halt in Fatehpur Sikri, the deserted Mughal city. Delhi was exactly as I imagined. Chaotic, smelly and an amalgamation of two different worlds. We were given accommodation in The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa. It was an altogether different world clubbed with royal aesthetics and modern luxury. However, it took us a few days to get habituated to the sights of child beggars and a one legged man. Despite such poor conditions, Delhi still retains the old world charm. We enjoyed exploring the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, enjoyed relishing potato stuffed Indian bread (they call it paratha). Indian people are quite friendly and welcoming so we’ve never felt dejected.

Our next destination was Agra. It was a 4 hour journey by road. The moment we entered the city, the Mughal era revived before our eyes. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and other monuments, all of them were in their full splendor. I purchased a replica of Taj Mahal for my wife as a token of my love. Moving on with our itinerary, we headed to Fatehpur Sikri, the red sandstone city built by Akbar but was soon abandoned as it faced threats from Rajputana rulers.

Later we arrived in Jaipur. My 15 year old moody and monosyllabic son started behaving like a king as soon as he hopped on an elephant to visit Amber Fort. I and my entire family was in awe this massive structure, which once used to be the formidable base of Kacchawa Rajputs.          The sights and sounds of India made a long lasting impression on our minds. Perfectly dressed school kids making their way to the bus stop, labor women carrying bricks upon their head and chaos of Delhi, I will remember it all.

Red Fort Delhi

Taj Mahal

Fatehpur Sikri

Amber Fort

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