As  a child I had always been fascinated by trains at large. So much so that my toy cabinet always featured a large collection of toy train sets. And the passion has not lessened even as I approach the dreaded 30’s. I live in a dream to travel in the top 10 luxury trains of the world. My friends and family could never understand my passion for luxury trains – though I made too big a deal out of them. If you happen to be reading this, you’ll know why as I will be giving a brief account on the top 10 luxury trains of the world.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Luxury train

Venice Simplon Orient Express running between London and Venice is one of the most popular luxury tourist trains in the world. Voted as number one luxury train in the world, it started its journey on 5th June 1883. The train is inspired from the  Agatha Christie’s book titled Murder on the Orient Express, the interiors of the train are elegantly decorated and are adorned with state of  the art amenities.

The guests on-board Venice Simplon Orient Express offers impeccable hospitality services which are sure to let its guests experience a graceful era of stately travelling.

Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

Luxury Train Tour

Rovos Rails Pride of Africa allows its guests to experience old-world luxury and elegance. The train is renowned for its stellar dining, fabulous equipment  and on-board services. This luxury train features excellent public spaces, dinning area, accommodation and also enjoy the guests on-board to enjoy off-train sightseeing.

Rovos Rail runs on its regular schedule on various routes throughout South Africa to Namibia and Tanzania. There are three types of accommodation options, with Royal Suite is being largest and Pullman makes for the smallest. All the cabins of the train come fitted with sink, toilet and en-suite shower.

Eastern and Oriental Express

Luxury Tarins of World

Eastern and Oriental Express invite the guests to enjoy a tour to visit some of the most exotic and spectacular locales spread across the picturesque landscapes of Singapore and Bangkok. The two day journey of Eastern and Oriental Express is mesmerizing and alluring as the train stops at the various tourist attractions.

This luxury hotel on wheels features three classes of coach which are elegantly decorated and well equipped with all modern day amenities. The services provided during the journey include international electric sockets, 24-hours attendants, a personal wallet , hairdryer and adapter for razors.  The train offers its guests to choose from the four distinctive journeys to explore the beauty of peninsular Asia.

Royal Scotsman

Luxury Trains

Royal Scotsman is one of the favorite luxury trains of the world. The train can accommodate a maximum of 36 passengers and is perfect for the people who have a great love for luxury journey along with enjoying an array of delectable cuisine. Each of the car of this luxury train is furnished with 1960s vintage equipment, 1928-era diner which have been recast into an Edwardian confection featuring polished brass, fine fabrics and varnished woods.

Glacier Express

Glacier Express is the world’s slowest train and takes almost eight hours to reach its destination. The services of two private narrow-gauge railroads to traverse 168 rocky miles between two posh resorts- St. Moritz and Zermatt. Observe the beautiful Alpine route while sitting inside the Glacier Express.

The train was put into operation in 1930. The train trails through the 91 tunnels and crosses 291 bridges. In the initial years the Glacier express used to run only in the summer but today it operates around the year. During summer four trains run per day while during winters it features a more limited schedule.

Blue Train

Blue train operated by state-run Spoornet is one of the world most luxurious trains runs eight times a month between Cape Town and Pretoria. On Monday the trains take up a southbound southbound journey while on Wednesday it features a northbound journey. This luxury train takes up 27-hour journey and covers 994 miles and halts for a short interval for a sightseeing in each of the directions.


Canadian, Canada’s flagship train plying between Toronto and Vancouver travels a distance of 2,775 miles three times a week. The main delight to be enjoyed on the train is exclusive access to the great dome cars for sightseeing.  The Sleeper Plus Class on the train provides its guests with private bedrooms along with many perks including priority boarding, special waiting room at the main station, “welcome aboard” reception along with being served with delicious meals and the finest of wines.

Palace on Wheels

Luxury Train in India

Palace on Wheels, voted as the 4th best luxury train in the world is also the first Luxury train of India. This train is designed to allow its guests to experience the regal legacy of India’s erstwhile rulers.  This luxury hotel of wheel traverse through the diverse landscapes of the country and consists of 14 plush cabins, well stocked bar, spa saloon and 2 restaurants. The train takes its guests on voyage to visit the magnificent forts, palaces along with a number of ancient monuments dotted around its vivid landscapes.

Maharajas Express

Maharaja Express Luxury Train

Maharajas Express is one of the world most expensive train services with majestic interiors that will bewitch you instantly. This luxury train provides its guests with five different itineraries including Indian Splendor, Treasures of India and The Indian Panorama. The 23 elegantly appointed cabins of the train are tastefully designed and are well equipped with all modern day facilities. The pneumatic and hydraulic suspension system, ensures for the smoother train journey.

Golden Pass Panoramic Express

Golden Pass Panoramic Express

Golden Pass Panoramic Express features boast vista-dome cars which allow the guests for enjoying maximum viewing of the spectacular mountain scenery. The Switzerland, Golden Pass Panoramic Express runs between Zweisimmen and Montreux. The special , eight passenger viewing area present in the front of the train present above the diver area offers its guests with ultimate ringside seats.

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