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  1. Awesome list! If I have to choose one of these I’ll go for Riga. With its cobblestoned streets which appear lifted from a fairy tale, it is one of the most authentic and culturally rich destination in this list.

    And as a history buff that I am, the turbulent history and architecture of Riga are like icing on the cake.

    Never mind the favorites, if I could then I would visit all of these marvelous tourist places in the world, not just for the luxury but just for the sake of travel. Because the traveler in me is a strong believer of the saying that traveling is good. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Above you have listed some wonderful travel destinations from around the world. Auckland in New Zealand is my favorite destination from your list.

  3. This blog is very attractive and informative. your post is just amazing and photos are wonderful.Thanks for sharing your valuable experience to us.

  4. Hi, My name is neha. Nice list of places. I think you should add one more place in the list and that is Goa. In goa also there are many luxury hotels,resorts and of course Beaches.

  5. All of the material a person pointed out within publish tend to be as well great as well as can be quite helpful.

  6. Nice post. It was a great experience to read that Article. Thank you for giving this information.

  7. This is awesome post… It tells about the places which are most beautiful places to visit…

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