New Year is around the corner and everybody is busy in formulating their own list of top ten luxury travel destinations. Using this list, those with a keen interest in traveling can pre-book tours to the top 10  travel destinations of 2017. Each of the destinations featuring in the list truly live up to the world like authentic, sustainable, culturally rich superlatives used in the world of travel today.

Among the electric-mix some of the destinations featured in the list are predictable favorites and a few the “reinvented classics” and the others will make a first – time appearance. With its iconic architecture and majestic monuments its no wonder that Paris, a city of lights located in France has made an entry into the Traveler’s Best trips of the year, but scroll down further to see what else made the cut.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland in New Zealand

Auckland the Kiwi city in the previous years was only seen as a mere gateway to the wonders of New Zealand. The city was often overlooked by the travelers has undergone a facelift in the recent years and is now seen among the best places to travel around the world. The food, arts and the beautiful coastal surroundings all these make an excellent reason for one to extend their stay in the New Zealand’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city. A large number of new restaurants have emerged and the funky art centers add a dashing edge to the beauty of Auckland. Another important tourist attraction present in Auckland includes  the Auckland Art Gallery which was refurbished and now includes a beautiful glass-and-timber hall.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide in Australia

Adelaide rightly titled as the Plain Jane of Australia. While cities like Sydney and Melbourne are immensely popular among the tourists, Adelaide plays a perfect host to the travelers. The city is neither too loud and flashy nor hip but is known for being a hub for all major festivals. It is also referred as the gateway to the wildlife sheltered in its wide landscapes of Australia. It is also known to host some of the most popular art and sporting events including WOMADelaide, cultural tour de force of the Adelaide Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Adelaide  also makes  for the prefect destination for foodies  and wine connoisseurs. Making it an effortlessly chic destination ready to be uncorked and sampled.

Chicago, Illinois, USA:

Chicago in USA

There is a lot to be explored while you enjoy a vacation in Chicago be it the world class museums, baseball games or simply enjoying plays based on comedy and music. The masterpieces present in the landscapes of the city is breathtaking and majestic. After exploring the beautiful masterpieces present in the city proceed to visit Wrigley  Field, America’s favorite baseball park and enjoy spectating the game of baseball. This baseball park will celebrate its 100 birthday in 2014 following season long festivities in its honor. According to the travel experts this windy city will really take up the center stage as it will celebrate a large number of historic milestones in the progressing year.

Vancouver, Canada:

Vancouver in Canada

Vancouver, the eye candy for the urban folk made up to the list of top 10 travel destinations for 2014. The travelers find it interesting to explore this place for its rambling evergreen park, the stunning mountain vistas and protected sandy beaches. The residents of the city lead a super active life by being involved in activities like swimming, skiing, playing, running and many more which in turn leaves no space for boredom. Planning vacation to this place one can only expect the best of both worlds featuring a mix of small town vibes and big city looks.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai in China

Shanghai city in China is renowned for its record-setting skyscrapers. The sheer diversity of the building structure makes the city unique. Enjoy staying for a couple of nights in one of the world’s highest hotels. The ground level exploration would require the travelers to visit tourist attractions like Jewish Synagogues, Buddhist temples, Jesuit cathedrals and many more. The city has a voracious appetite for new trends and styles make it the perfect destination to enjoy shopping extravaganza. Shanghai will not disappoint the foodies as the city is most alive at the end of the day as the neon lights flicker as the food is the center of social life in the rest of China, so do not forget to dig in with those chopsticks.

Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich in Switzerland

Zurich, the Switzerland’s largest metropolis was once thought to be the boring banking capital with the world’s fourth-biggest stock exchange present in its countryside and was referred to as the Switzerland’s financial engine. With the changing times the city has surprisingly turned vibrant and trendy. Situated on the bank of beautiful lake and river has come with hundreds of new bars, clubs and restaurants. Since the time its street Parade overtook London’s Notting Hill Carnival, the place is known to host Europe’s largest annual party. The city premises being dotted with a large number of churches also capture the attention of various traditionalists.

Riga, Latvia

Riga in Latvia

Riga for centuries had been a significant place before the event of Iron Curtain Fell. In the present time after being free for two decades the city is slowly reclaiming its title as the cosmopolitan cornerstone of the Baltic. A series of stylish cafes are growing through the city which serve an array of delectable cuisines and a large number of facades present at the entry of these chic cafes have been restored which in turn would help Riga earn the long-deserved honor of being the European Capital of Culture.

Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town the city situated below the Table Mountain and is surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes. A visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, historic Company’s Garden and the Green Point Park is most refreshing and reviving and make exploring the city a pleasure. The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy various adventure activities like biking, hiking and so on. Explore Hermanus, a prime whale watching location and is also the base to organize shark-cave diving. The city situated below the Table Mountain is known for its natural beauty  but the buildings present in Cape Town are going for the facelift in order to make the city the World Design Capital in 2014.

Kerala, India:

Kerala in India

Kerala enjoys unique geographical features which has always made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. The majestic landscapes of Kerala make it one of the best luxury travel      destinations in India to be explored. The state is fondly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. This majestic state is being considered as one of the top 10 family destination for a holiday in 2014. The factors that work in making the place so famous amongst the travelers to enjoy a luxury holiday are its equable climate, tranquil stretches of backwaters, pristine beaches, scenic hill stations and the exotic wildlife present in its landscapes. The other popular attractions in the state include hill stations present in Wayanad, Vagamon, Ponmudi and Munnar ; Backwater tourism at the Kumarakom, Vembanad Lake, Alapuzha and Kumarakom; Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks at Eravikulam and Periyar.

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Paris, France:

Paris, France

Paris has  always fascinated the travelers for its beautiful Eiffel Tower. The city is bestowed with so many titles like ‘The City Of Lights’, ‘Place Where Love Is Reborn’ and ‘The Capital Of Fashion’. Enjoy a visit to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur for its impressive exteriors. It is the highest point of the city provides for an excellent aerial view of the city. The visit to the Eifel Tower is most satisfying for its being the symbol of the city.

The city’s landscapes are dotted with a large number of historic and architectural monuments. The Notre Dame and the Ile de la cite are some of the most amazing catholic churches present in France. The travelers can enjoy exploring the rich culture of France by paying a visit to the many great museums present in this city. The D’Orsay museum situated on the bank of the Seine River showcases a huge collection of beautiful artifacts.

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  1. Awesome list! If I have to choose one of these I’ll go for Riga. With its cobblestoned streets which appear lifted from a fairy tale, it is one of the most authentic and culturally rich destination in this list.

    And as a history buff that I am, the turbulent history and architecture of Riga are like icing on the cake.

    Never mind the favorites, if I could then I would visit all of these marvelous tourist places in the world, not just for the luxury but just for the sake of travel. Because the traveler in me is a strong believer of the saying that traveling is good. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Above you have listed some wonderful travel destinations from around the world. Auckland in New Zealand is my favorite destination from your list.

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