Beach Holidays in India recreate the charm of everlasting summers. If you want to forget winter and enjoy the summer spirit, then there are abundant options from the 7500 km coastline of the country. From some waters ports action to solitude, to exciting parties to create memories for a thrilling vacation, the beaches offer an awesome time. In the dipping temperatures and at the heights of winters, imagine enjoying tropical bliss, warm sunshine, gently lapping waves and endless blues.

Here are the top 10 beaches in India that will make you fall in love with the coastal beauty.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

radhanagar beach

Snuggled amid the cerulean Bay of Bengal, Andaman Island archipelago boasts of many heavenly beaches and on the very top of the list is, the beautiful Radhanagar Beach.

Situated on the Havelock Island, the beautiful shore has been formerly voted Asia’s Best Beach by TIME Magazine. Also referred to as beach number seven, the soft white sand, clear waters, tranquil ambiance is truly out of the world. Forget winters, forget the daily lives and soak in the bliss of your tropical getaway. It is one of the most favored beach holiday destinations for honeymoon couples.

Things to do in Radhanagar beach:

  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Watersports
  • Watch the sunset
  • Walk on the sand with the moon and stars for company

 Agonda Beach, Goa

agonda beach

The ultimate tropical vacation getaway, Goa is truly amazing and one of its most awesome beaches is the Agonda Beach in South Goa. The serene stretch of golden sands along the Arabian Sea is favored by people looking to get away from it all.

Basking in the warm sunshine and bliss, the beach is an escape from daily schedules and for a vacation of relaxing. You can opt for sunbathing, trying out watersports, diving or swimming. There are dolphin cruises available from the shores. There are also many comfy accommodations that you can choose for your beach holiday in India.

Things to do in Agonda beach

  • Walk on the golden sands
  • Sunbathing
  • Watch the sunset and waves
  • Dolphin cruise
  • Surfing

 Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach,

Snuggled along the Arabian Sea, Varkala in Kerala is one of the must-visit beaches in India. Celebrating summers throughout the year, the beach is quiet, offbeat and truly amazing.

We suggest the beach not just for its summer spirit but for its holiness. Varkala’s Papanasam beach is visited by sadhus performing holy rituals and pilgrims bathing to cleanse their sins. There are adventure sports like paragliding and parasailing. Escape the cities, the crowded shores and come to Varkala for a quiet vacation. Opt for Ayurveda or learn yoga and meditation. Go swimming, sunbathing or just sit on the sands.

Things to do in Varkala:

  • Sightseeing
  • Sunbathing
  • Wind surfing
  • Parasailing
  • Soaking in the blessed beauty
  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Yoga therapies

Morjim Beach, Goa

morjim beach

Next on our list of the best beaches in India, we have another one from Goa, the land of sea, sand and sun. Morjim Beach is a secluded haven. It is blessed with an unmatched tranquil setting where you can forget the world.

The golden sands and the cerulean clear waters a treat for your eyes. This beach is also known as a nesting and hatching habitat of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Soak in the warm sunshine. You can easily watch dolphins, seagulls at their antics and many other water birds including beautiful kingfishers, kites and other species.

Things to do in Morjim:

  • Sunbathe
  • Stroll on the sands
  • Watch the Oldive Ridley Turtles
  • Go dolphin-watching
  • Spot seagulls, kingfishers, etc

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Gokarna, Karnataka

gokarna beach

One of India’s favorite beaches, Gokarna is summer incarnate. Located in Karnataka, the beach is loved by pilgrims and the travelers who seeks to escape the cities, looking for thrilling experiences.

The beach is unique, it’s a pilgrimage site but equally relaxed and a haven for backpackers. Located at the merge of Aganashini and Gangavali rivers, which forms a shape that is similar to the ear of a cow, it is named Gokarna. Stay at the beach shacks, sunbathe, go backpacking, explore the surroundings and have an awesome beach holiday in India.

Things to do in Gokarna

  • Beach trekking
  • Relaxing on the shore
  • Swimming
  • Delicious bites at beach cafes
  • Stay like a backpacker at beach shacks
  • Get a relaxing massage

Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

lighthouse beach

The most beautiful of beaches in Kerala, the Lighthouse beach in Kovalam is one of the awesome places to visit in India. Come winter and the charm is amplified. Hidden in the tropical shores of Kerala, this beach is perfect for family vacation, honeymoon couples and even backpackers seeking a vacation.

Made up of two coves, Hawa and Lighthouse, it is one of the best holiday spots in India. Walk on the sandy shores, dine at the open air restaurants at the promenade. Get pampering Ayurvedic massages, go surfing, check out the shops, have a relaxed stay at one of the beach accommodations.

Things to do in Lighthouse beach:

  • Relax on the shores
  • Taste scrumptious delights of the sea
  • Shop at the colorful shops
  • Go swimming, surfing, diving and trying other watersports
  • Get Ayurvedic massages

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Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

paradise beach

Perfect for a beach lover, the serene Paradise Beach in Pondicherry is next on our list of 10 awesome beaches in India. Like its given name, the beach is a paradise.

The golden sand shore is located on India’s eastern shores. The beach is accessible only after crossing a beautiful backwaters. One of the must visit places in Pondicherry, the beach is flocked by visitors and locals to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the glorious sunset. Crowded by families, backpackers and even honeymoon couples, the beach make your forget winters and lets you bask in summer bliss throughout the year.

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Things to do in Paradise Beach:

  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Walk on the silky shores
  • Boat cruise
  • Swimming and playing in the waters

Anjuna Beach, Goa

anjuna beach

The first love of many beach lovers in Goa, Anjuna beach is one of those places that make you forget about everything except summer bliss. The picturesque seaside village in North Goa was once a hippy paradise of the 60s. Crowded with people from all walks of life, this beach is the tourist hub in the state.

The beach is awesome and visited by families, honeymoon couples, solo backpackers and almost every traveler in Goa. From enjoying the sun, trying out waterpsorts, scrumptious food and drinks, watersports, shopping or the bustling nightlife, Anjuna is perfect for all.

What to do in Anjuna Beach?

  • Go parasailing
  • Party all night
  • Explore the Anjuna Flea market
  • Have fresh snacks and drinks at the beach shacks
  • Experience the hippy life.
  • Try out the adventure water sports

Baga Beach, Goa

baga beach

The happening Baga beach imbibes the beach spirit. Goa’s most loved shore, Baga lures visitors from all over the world. Warm, exciting and bustling with energy, the North Goan beach is everything touristy. The great number of excitement adds to its spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.

For any kind of beach activity, here is where you should be. There are a host of options of water sports, para sailing, dolphin sightseeing trips, etc. The beach shacks, bars, clubs, and fine dining restaurants offer a number of pleasures. Go bar hopping and enjoy the lovely nightlife. Explore the makers, they have a number of great deals.

Things to do in Baga Beach:

  • Walk on the golden sandy shores
  • Go parasailing, jet skiing, etc
  • Party all night
  • Explore the market
  • Have fresh snacks and drinks at the beach shacks

Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Andaman

corbyn’s-cove beach

A piece of unexplored paradise snuggled in the island archipelago, next on our list of awesome beaches in India, is Corbyn’s Cove. Accessible only by a boat ride, the beach is secluded, and unspoilt, blessed with pleasant blue sea water and lush green coconut palms.

Try water activities that include scuba diving, surfing, and boating or simply enjoy sunbathing, and swimming. The coconut palm fringed beach is great for leisurely strolls. Accommodation, refreshment and entertainment offering beach shacks create a memorable beach vacation for honeymoon couples. Corbyn’s cove is the ultimate beach getaway to enjoy the spirit of summer in winters.

Things to do in Corbyn’s Cove

  • Water sports
  • Stroll on the sandy golden shores
  • Sunbathe and relax
  • Go for a leisurely boat ride

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